Hatch a dragon in your bathtub!


Sink into true black water sparkling with dragon's gold, and enjoy the heady fragrance of Here There Be Dragons, an extravagent blend of honeyed fruits and florals with undertones of musk and spices. And when the enormous egg finally fizzes out, meet the baby dragon (ducky) who's just imprinted on you. Impress your friends or terrorize your enemies*, new Parent of Dragons!


Or maybe you've already got a big enough brood, or you're more into taking your dragon niblings out for the occasional special day--select a "Treasure Hoard" egg to reveal a handful of gold and gems fit for any dragon's lair!


*For entertainment purposes only. Product should not be used for terror purposes of any kind.


Net weight: 12oz


For made-to-order items as these typically are, please allow an additional 5-10 business days for production (eggs need to thoroughly dry before being packaged for shipping, to ensure your best bath experience), but also feel free to get in touch with custom color and fragrance requests along with selecting your embedded goodie!

Jumbo Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb

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