Embrace your inner Ching Shih, Anne Bonny, or Sayyida al Hurra with this gorgeous tropical sunset bomb fit for a pirate queen.


This pink and gold cloud explodes into purple, pink, orange, and yellow carried by light foam across the surface of your bath. Sink into shimmering rose gold water scented with the heady fragrance of Caribbean plumeria and emerge pampered, relaxed, and ready to rule!


We could all use a LOT more downtime, so get $15 off when you purchase a 10-pack! They're also perfect for holidays, birthdays, and people with children or roommates with broad views of communal property. Or give the whole darn pack to one special person--including yourself--for MAXIMUM RELAXATION.


These packs are available scented (Caribbean Plumeria) or unscented; your selection will apply to all cloud bombs in the pack.


Net weight: 40oz minimum (4oz per bomb)


Subscription available! Get an extra $3 off and rece