Queerness and Halloween, two great tastes that go great together!


Enjoy a queer spooky show in your tub as this bat bomb flaps in circles drawing out the non-binary Pride flag across your bath water, then settles into a magically shimmering potion of dark purple or poison green, fragranced with Bat Juice (Grape Soda) or Witch's Brew (Green Tea & Lemongrass). Because of the shape of this bomb, and the unbalancing effect of the color striped embed, it does provide a particularly active show in the tub. It's also packed with skin-nourishing apricot oil and cocoa butter to keep you velvety soft like a bat as the days get colder and drier.


Makes a great treat for your non-binary friends and family, or just for yourself, as we gear up for a second Pandemic Halloween. Potentially also a good stealth present for those cousins and niblings who need a supportive elder in their corner. BAT!


Net weight: 6oz

Non-Binary Bat Bath Bomb

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