You choose how strong you want the color/scent of your bath to be with this pouch of bath dust! Sample or share a new fragrance with a single-use 2oz packet, or stock up with a multi-use 9oz bag! Available in all my exclusive custom bath potion fragrance blends in my signature, individually blended colors:


  • Love potion (hot coral with gold shimmer) in One Perfect Rose: A luscious rose fragrance with an edge of citrus
  • Calming potion (malachite green with lava swirl effect) in So Mote It Be: Woodsy notes wrap you in a strong, reassuring embrace while lavender and jasmine enhance calm and an undertone of lime energizes
  • Clarity potion (ice blue with silver shimmer) in Solstice Dawn: Notes of bracing blue spruce and fresh lemon, tempered by a subtle floral base
  • Protection potion (subterranean black with violet shimmer) in World Tree: Slightly smoky, stormy autumn woods rounded out with juicy notes of cranberry


The large size is good for 2-6 baths, and is available with or without a raw crystal chosen to match the energy of your chosen potion!


Net weight: 2oz or 9oz (exclusive of crystal)

Bewitching Bath Dust

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