"This bomb smells like being right feels." - Travis, Sagittarius


Are you having a hard time focusing... or are you TOO focused on fears and worries? Feeling stressed or tense? I formulated these calming bath potions as a sensory aid to support self-soothing and the release of occasional stress and anxiety.


Ethically sourced synthetic mica creates a "lava"-like shimmer effect in the bath water, turning your tub into a kaleidoscope cauldron--your very own "calm down cauldron" to ground you in time and space. Feel yourself present in the warm water, let your eyes follow the mesmerizing swirls in the shimmering teal water, and breathe deeply of my custom fragrance, "As I will, so mote it be": Woodsy notes wrap you in a strong, reassuring embrace while lavender and jasmine enhance calm and an undertone of lime energizes.


Cauldrons are available with or without a rough crystal chosen for its traditional association with the release of stress and/or support of mental focus. Crystal cauldrons may include sodalite, amethyst, or green fluorite.  All cauldrons also feature "foam" that can be