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Per the drop-down menu options and list below, some eggs can be ordered with mermaid or dinosaur duckies. All eggs can be purchased with a dragon hatchling or a treasure hoard capsule. Stock varies--if you're looking for something that shows up as out of stock, please drop me an email so I can bump it up in the production queue!


Receive an automatic $2 discount per egg if you order three or more.


Heart's Desire - Dark purple lava shimmer - Ylang ylang-based floral (compare to Lush Sex Bomb) - Mermaids also available

Sweet Grass - Light purple lava shimmer - violets & cut grass custom fragrance

Walking on Sunshine - Light green lava shimmer - citrus & ginger

Early One Morning - Light pink lava shimmer - lily of the valley 

Pirate Queen's Familiar - Hot pink lava shimmer - Caribbean plumeria - Mermaids also available

Full Fathom Five - Dark blue lava shimmer - Ocean waters - Mermaids also available

Tropical Reef - Teal with gold glitter - Beach breeze & tropical fruits - Mermaids also available

Volcano - Orange lava shimmer - Citrus blend with green notes - Dinosaurs also available

Desert Heart - Sage green with gold glitter - Cactus water - Dinosaurs also available

Isla Nublar - Jungle green lava shimmer - Rain forest custom fragrance blend - Dinosaurs also availab;e

Northern Ice - Ice blue lava shimmer - Fir trees & wintergreen

Forest Heart - Dark green with gold glitter - Oak moss & greenery

Here There Be Dragons - True black with gold glitter - Citrus, wood, & spices

Fire Rose - Hot coral with gold glitter - Citrus, hibiscus, & rose

Mermaid Queen Bryony - Light swirling shimmering pink - Pink sands (light & sweet) - Mermaids also available

Witch Bryony's Garden - Pale green lava shimmer - Rosemary & mint

Queen Andromeda's Revenge - Dark indigo lava shimmer - Lavender, driftwood, & sea spray

Dawn - Light golden shimmer - Honeysuckle lemongrass

Dusk - Dark purple shimmer - Witch's Wood (cranberry fir)




Hatch a dragon in your bathtub!


These giant, custom painted dragon eggs, weighing in at almost a whole pound, are a full luxury spa experience! Sink into beautifully colored water with multidimensional shimmer and a perfectly coordinating fragrance and hatch a matching dragonet in your tub!*, new Parent of Dragons!


Or maybe you've already got a big enough brood, or you're more into taking your dragon niblings out for the occasional special day--select a "Dice Hoard” egg for a treasure capsule packed with ancient coins, acrylic gems, and a color coordinated full set of seven gaming dice!


*For entertainment purposes only. Product should not be used for terror purposes of any kind.


Net weight: 14oz

Jumbo Fantasy Egg Bath Bomb

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, polysorbate-80, safflower oil, fragrance, cream of tartar, kaolin clay, iron oxide, mica (fluorphlogopite, titanium dioxide, tin oxide, iron oxide, manganese violet), FD&C Red 33 lake, Red 27 lake, Red 40 lake, Yellow 6 lake, Yellow 5 lake, Blue 1 lake.

  • Place bomb gently in the center of your tub after filling with warm/hot water and shutting off the tap.

    Direct skin contact with wet product may cause temporary staining of skin. To avoid temporary color deposits on fixtures, be sure to use in a clean tub.

    External use only.

    Not for use under 3 years old.

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