Looking to give the perfect holiday gifts this year? Check out our Winter Holidays Collection (new product photos and listings coming by 11/22) for seasonal bath bombs and our Holiday Gift Packs Collection for discounted packs of fan favorites! For orders of over 20 of a single bomb, or to work out details of a large assortment, please email witchqueenworkshop@gmail.com


Here at Witch Queen Workshop, I handcraft enchanting bath bombs, bubble bath, soaps, and other bath products in order to share my love of color and fragrance with my clients. I use a higher proportion of oils and butters in my bath bombs than most brands, so you'll always get out of the tub with soft, pampered skin. (And I use a high quality emulsifier to ensure that your skin reaps the full benefits of those ingredients AND your tub quickly rinses clean!) I'm also very proud of the scents that I use in my products--while I do use high quality commercial fragrances "out of the bottle" for some products, many of my creations are scented with my very own custom fragrance blends. You won't find them anywhere else or under any other name!

All products are designed and created by Cabell Gathman, Owner & Witch Queen.